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The Industry of UX Podcast

Season 2: inside the UX hiring journey

What’s the thinking process behind the hiring decisions? What makes us stand out in a crowded job market? How are juniors, seniors, leads and directors hired?

We cover this and more in Season 2 of the podcast!

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Latest episodes

UX Hiring at Google with Earl Friedberg

How does UX hiring at Google work? Earl Friedberg, UX Lead on Gmail and Google Chat, covers the entire candidates funnel and some of the specific hiring steps, such as the portfolio walkthrough and whiteboard exercise. What makes these steps successful? How can candidates set themselves up for...

Morgane Peng - Episode 6 Cover

UX hiring realities, Part 2 with Morgane Peng

We’re excited to bring Morgane back to talk about the remaining hiring realities for finding the best UX candidate. She covers points on how to leverage different application channels, why hard skills are overrated, why you need to be mindful of cultural differences, how you shouldn’t fake it, why...

Mirela Ignat

The UX Design Challenge with Mirela Ignat

Mirela Ignat, UX Lead at Provably Fair, describes what to look for in a successful design challenge. An ideal candidate takes advantage of storytelling when presenting work and has emotional maturity to accept feedback. In order to stand out, the solution should be simple and realistic, unlike the...