Why did we start the Industry of UX?

The podcast was born in early September 2020, out of passion and love for User Experience Design. The goal was, and will always be, to grow the UX community, and set UXers up for success on their journey.

Yes, there are quite a few UX and Design podcasts out there – we continuously experiment to fill the gaps we see in the industry and the community.

That’s pretty much it. Not a super glamorous start, I’ll give you that. But a truly passionate one, and one that was born of a willingness to improve the industry and share insights from years of experience.

Our tenets

We have a few principles we want to keep in mind as we keep producing and sharing content.

1. Grow and lay the base

We focus on growing the industry by sharing insights, knowledge, and stories from a variety of people. We focus on subject matter experts, passionate about what they do.

2. Discover new paths

We aim at infusing and inspiring UX philosophies and practices with others from Industries near and far. We bring these insights front and center, so you keep what’s valuable and leave the rest.

3. Practical value over Conceptual discourse

We appreciate concepts and abstractions, but we agree that if our principles have no practical value, they have no room in our conversations. What’s practical can be leveraged to impact the world and solve real problems.

4. Everybody loves engaging content

We strive to create engaging and thought-provoking content, and we find value in these parameters. If our podcast does not create interest, and “entertainment” in the minds of our listeners, we fall flat.